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If you're getting Council Tax Support and your circumstances change

You need to tell us straight away about any change that could affect your Council Tax Support. You need to complete a form or tell us in writing and provide proof of the change.

You must tell us even if you have told another agency, for example the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or the Pension Service.

Tell us about your change »


Below are some of the common changes you need to tell us about.

Changes to income

  • Changes in wages, maintenance, works pensions, tax credits and so on.
  • If any sort of income starts, stops or the amount you get goes up or down.
  • If you start or stop work.

You may get extended payments of Council Tax Support if you start work or increase your hours.

Changes to benefit

  • If you start or stop getting Income Support.
  • If you start or stop getting Jobseeker's Allowance.
  • If you start or stop getting Employment and Support Allowance.
  • If you start or stop getting Universal Credit.
  • If any other benefit starts or stops or the amount changes.
  • If a tax credit like Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit starts or stops, or if the amount changes.

People who live with you

  • If anyone comes to stay with you or moves out, including people who go into hospital or prison.
  • If anyone who lives with you starts or stops work.
  • If there is any change in the income of someone who lives with you.
  • If you have a new baby.
  • If a child or young person leaves school.

Bank accounts, savings and investments

If you or your partner is of working age, you need to tell us if your combined capital increases to over £5,500.

If you or your partner is of qualifying age for Pension Credit you need to tell us if your combined capital increases to over £9,500.

Your capital includes money in your bank account(s), savings, stocks and shares.

If you move or are away from home

  • If you move home, even to another room in the same building.
  • If you will be away from home for more than 13 weeks.
  • If you go into hospital.

Other changes

  • If you become a couple.
  • If you stop receiving Child Benefit for a child.
  • Changes to the amount of childcare you pay.
  • If you become a student or finish your course.

These are not full lists. If you're not sure, tell us about a change anyway and we will let you know if it affects your Council Tax Support.

If you don't tell us about changes straight away

Council Tax Support is awarded to your Council Tax account, and reduces the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.

If you don't tell us about a change that would reduce your Council Tax Support, we may award too much. If we have awarded you too much, we will add this amount to your Council Tax account and your future instalments will increase.

If this happens we will send you a new Council Tax bill showing your new instalments.

If you don't tell us about changes when they happen you may be committing benefit fraud

The sooner you tell us, the less chance there is of you being awarded Council Tax Support that you are not entitled to which you may have to pay back.