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Your Repair Journey

We try to keep our properties in the best condition possible but there are times when some things will need to be repaired.

We rely on tenants to report repairs to ensure that they are fixed as soon as possible and do not become worse or cause further problems with you home.

We ask that you report repairs as soon as you possibly can by ringing our Contractor, Mears on 0800 023 4320 or by email to dover.repairs@mearsgroup.co.uk

If you do not report a repair, this can lead to possible further damage to your home and may even cause problems with adjoining homes. The repair can then become more disruptive to yourself and more expensive. In some cases, the cost of the works may be rechargeable to yourself.


The repairs process is usually straight forward but it can be complicated by additional factors, these can increase the amount of time it takes to complete the repair.

Examples of these include:

  • Appointments missed by tenants.
  • Non-stock materials or materials with supply issues.
  • Contractor requires agreement from DDC for larger or more complex work.
  • Additional works that was not expected.
  • Contactor requires specialist skills from a sub-contractor or additional trades such as window fitters, locksmiths etc.
  • Asbestos, which requires additional time for testing, disposal, andand for safe disposal.
  • Access issues, such as ordering and awaiting scaffolding.

 If you would like an update on the progress of your repair, please contact Mears directly or our repairs team on 01304 801110.

Satisfaction with Repairs

When the repair has been completed, you will be given the opportunity to complete a survey to say how satisfied you are with the service you have received.

 Thumbs up If you were satisfied then this gives us the information we need to make sure that the service is working as it should.

Thumbs down If you were not satisfied then this this gives us the information we need to help improve the service.