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Evidence Base: Flooding

Evidence on flooding includes the following studies, plans and strategies:

  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Herrington Consulting) March 2019
    This SFRA update addresses the changes since the original SFRA of Sept 2007 to reflect changes in policy and in legislation and aid the development of our emerging Local Plan.
  • SFRA Site Specific Guidance for Managing Flood Risk (Herrington Consulting) March 2019
    This document provides general advice and clear guidance for planners and developers on how to submit information relating to flood risk in support of planning applications.
  • Coastal Change Management Areas Final Report (Herrington Consulting) June 2018
    This report identifies where, along the coastline, a risk may exist due to coastal change.
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Appendices(JBA Consulting) September 2007
    This study assesses the flood risk from all types of flooding in the district, taking into account the existing climate and predicted changes in the climate. This will enable the Council to select and develop sustainable locations away from flood risk areas.
  • Flood Risk Appraisal of the River Dour (Capita Symonds) May 2010 VERY LARGE DOCUMENT - 40mb
    A flood risk assessment of the River Dour and appraisal of flood alleviation options for the Mid Town area of Dover.
  • Dover Surface Water Mangement Plan (Jacobs) November 2011
    The Surface Water Management Plan identifies sustainable responses to manage surface water flooding and sets out an Action Plan for Dover to inform future decision making.
  • Deal Transport and Flood Alleviation Model Stage 1 Report August 2011
    This study looks at the flood risk and transportation issues affecting the northern part of Deal and the Sholden area, assesses the scope for further development in this area and makes recommendations concerning improvements that could be made.
  • Deal Transport and Flood Alleviation Model Stage 2 Report October 2012
    Following on from Stage 1, this report focuses on the Albert Road area in Deal, highlighting scope for further development and making recommendations concerning the mitigation of flood risk and transport issues.
  • Environment Agency's Flood Map
    Highlights areas of flood risk in the district.




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