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Introduction to Event Planning

Organising an event can be hard work, and a top tip is to start early!

Try to give yourself a six to twelve month start, and make sure that you get in touch with us and any other relevant organisations as soon as you can. There are many different types of event and they can all include a wide range of activities. But, however big or small you plan your event to be, they will all have common issues such as contingency planning, organisation, first aid, licensing, health & safety, security, fire safety and insurances. To help you ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely and that you have access to the relevant advice and guidance, each local authority has established a Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

The SAG is a multi-agency partnership that brings together representatives from various organisations (Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, KCC Highways, NHS, SECAMB) and departments at the local authority to discuss events that are taking place in the district. The remit of the group is to advise organisers that are holding events on council land on public safety and welfare. The SAG want to help make events happen and it is their purpose to guide and support you to achieve your aims and give advice where you may need it.

As an organiser you may be asked to attend a SAG meeting in order to provide more information. The SAG consider event notifications that come in and advise accordingly, however, to make this process as quick and as effective as possible we ask that you provide us with all of the relevant information for your event within a timely manner [at least 12 weeks before your event]. This gives the SAG enough time to review your event documentation and make an informed assessment, as well as processing any statutory notices, for example, if your event requires a road closure. It also gives you enough time to make any changes that might be needed, before getting on with the important bits of the planning! Please remember that the SAG can offer expert advice and guidance towards most types of event, and is a useful point of contact whatever scale of event that you are planning.

You should understand that as an organiser, you have a duty, as far as is reasonably practicable, to be aware of current regulations, byelaws and codes of practice relating to your event so that you are able to take any necessary action. It is also important to note that the SAG will not ask organisers to complete work that isn’t already required of them by law or industry standards. The information, documents and templates described in our toolkit help to ensure a safe event and allow organisers to prove, should it be necessary, that they have taken all reasonable precautions to make their event safe for the public.

Our toolkit has been formed as part of a county-wide approach to events for Kent and Medway. It is aimed at simplifying the process for you and providing all the information you will need to hold a successful event.

Note - Safety Advisory Groups will not undertake any role associated with the organisation or management of an event and completion and return of the event notification form does not remove the need to obtain the relevant consents and licences, the responsibility for which ultimately rests with the event organiser. By notifying the authority of an event this in no way absolves the organiser from any health and safety responsibility nor does it infer that Dover District Council has any responsibility for health and safety in relation to the event.  Event organisers are strongly recommended to visit the HSE website which gives advice on running events safely.

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