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Planning Your Event

Effective planning is fundamental to a successful and safe event that everyone can enjoy, including you as the organiser.  Event organisers are not expected to be experts in everything and there is a lot of help and guidance that is available to you. 

Discussing ideas and plans throughout the planning stages, not only with Dover District Council and emergency services, but other local organisers, can help you avoid unnecessary expense, common pitfalls and other problems closer to or during the event when it is too late to change.

Event Management Plan

Download our Event Management plan template.

Venue & Site Facilities

Choose your venue carefully depending on the size of the event 

Hiring DDC Land

Contact us if you want to use DDC land for your event

How the Process Works

A step by step guide to how your application is processed

Things to Consider

Includes roads, licences, food safety and rubbish 

Risk Assessments

Identifying and dealing with potential hazards

 A-Z of Event Planning

Everything you need to know about running an event


A suggested timeline to help you plan your event

Useful Contacts

A list of organisations that will be useful when event planning