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How We Learn From Complaints

We recognise that when things go wrong we need to learn from this and we aim to do this by analysing complaints and adjusting our behaviour and processes.

Giving us feedback on our service as your landlord is really simple, find out how to give us feedback here.

Examples of what we've done with your complaints and feedback

We had a number of complaints in 2020 regarding how we deal with mould and damp repairs. Following these complaints, we looked at how we deal with damp enquires and made the following improvements:

  • The leading cause of damp is condensation, so we have improved how we communicate simple changes in lifestyle to reduce the amount of condensation that is created, including improving the information provided on our website.
  • We are giving tenants *free* comfort monitors that constantly monitor and display the temperature and humidity level to help tenants identify causes of high humidity. If you suffer with condensation in your home, please get in touch and ask for a comfort humidity monitor.

A tenant gave us feedback via email following the appointment of 2 new Estate Officers. The tenant was pleased of their implementation but wanted to be able to spot them when they were out and about on estates. To remedy this, we ensured their photo was featured in the Newsletter sent to all tenants (see December 2021 Newsletter) and an article for 'A day in the life' was written to improve visibility and understanding of these roles and help encourage tenants to approach and converse with these new Officers whist they are on Estates.

Complaints Performance

Between Between 1 October 2020 and 31 March 2021 we received:

  • 74 Complaints received for the Property Team
  • 19 Complaints for the Tenancy Team
  • 21.5 Complaints received per 1,000 households

Please see our 2020/21 annual report for more information regarding complaints, communication and performance.

We encourage tenants to come forward and let us know their experiences in an effort to learn and improve services. We have a 2 stage complaints process and an independent ombudsman escalation process.

More performance information to follow.

How to Give Feedback

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Housing Complaints

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