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Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR)

We are required to monitor the effectiveness of our plans and strategies and update our work programme on a regular basis. We do this by conducting site surveys of housing and commercial construction at the end of each monitoring period in April, and publishing the results in the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR).

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR):

  • Sets out our progress against the Local Development Scheme (LDS), which details when and how we will produce new planning documents and policies
  • Provides a record of how the district is performing and how much development is taking place
  • Assesses how that meets our targets
  • Sets out projections for future development in the district
  • Is updated annually

Current Authority Monitoring Report

Housing Land Supply

As of mid-March 2024, there is 5.65 years of housing supply in Dover District. Accordingly, it is considered that the assessment contained within the Land Supply report shows that the Council can demonstrate a 4-year housing land supply for the purposes of the updated NPPF 2023.

Appendices to Land Supply

Housing Delivery Action Plan 

The Housing Delivery Action Plan reviews the issues and causes of low levels of housing delivery in the District as measured against the Governments' Housing Delivery Test and sets out a series of initiatives the Council is undertaking to address the issue. 

Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022 

The Government has now released the results of the Housing Delivery Test (HDT) for 2021, which can be viewed online here and scrolling down to Dover.

Self Build and Custom House Build Plots

The Councils monitoring has identified the number of plots granted planning consent or awaiting completion of a S106 agreement that meet the definition of a self build or custom house build.

Self Build and Custom Build Plots 2023


If you would like to join the self build register, or for further information on this topic please visit the Community Housing webpage and register here.




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